Questions & Answers

Q. When are you open?

A. We are now open on Desktop, Ipad, and Mobile, we are still in Beta testing and want any feedback you can offer.

Q. Do I have to pay money to buy things on this website?

A. No you can simply upload items you own and get (Swa) Store Credit in your account instantly. this is a totally free service No Cash is required. You use your Store Credit to pay for products. All Private accounts can only ask for Swa ( Store Credit ) Business can make up there offers Part Cash and part Swa but only charge Swa ( Store Credit ) on our website. Any cash is transacted with the business seller privately.

Q. What if I put up a bike at $5000 but its only worth $50

When you upload a product we look to see that you have not over valued it. So be reasonable and your uploads will not be rejected. Also your product will not sell if you have not made the price reasonable. Look on the site at other products to see your competition.

Q. What is Swa?

A. Swa is simply what we have called our points. It stands for (SwapWithAll)

Q. How much is Swa worth?

We need to compare the Swa point's value to something so we value it to your local currency.

Q. How do I value my used product.

One persons value could be very different to another persons Value. So we are ok with our members putting a current market value on a product being uploaded.  For example a pair of footy boots May cost at the shops $80 We are good with you putting up the 2nd hand boots for $wa 80. This allow everyone to be able to earn good swa for products uploaded and is better than a wild guess on the value of a product.

Q. Can I use Swa in different countries?

No Not yet. You can only purchase products from your own country. The website will only show you products from your country.

Q. Can I buy extra Swa at a reduced cost?

A. Yes. this service is comming soon. currently if your short of swa when you want to buy something simply upload another product to get more swa.

Q. How does the product physically change hands?

A. This is up to the buyer and seller. An email with contact details is sent to both the buyer and seller when a product is bought.

Q. You need a pool of products to start with from day one. What happens when your first 1000 customers put a product up but can’t find what they are looking to buy?

A. Yes we want big numbers to join and upload fast that's why we pay people the join up Bonus. Those 1000 customers are likely to give us 5000 product uploads. The Prelaunch is all about getting the numbers up.

Q. How can you give Store Credit to me instantly?

A. Just Upload a product and our system will put a credit into your Swa account. By doing this you have committed to giving your product to one of our other customers.

Q. When is my item sold?

A. We give you swa (store credit) upfront before the sale of your item. When another member buys your product emails are sent to the buyer and the seller this is the point of sale.  

Q. How can you Trust me I may not even own the goods?

A. Yes this is an issue we have been thinking about. We Trust that 95% of people are honest. We have a number of ways to keep you honest. 

1. All customers are verified via a number of ways email, mobile, or phone are some of them.

2. Every customer has a profile that other people can leave messages on and other customer can see in the review section of their profile. We will ban people who do not use the system with integrity.

Q. So what happens when my item sells?

A. OK so say you put your item up for $100 Swa and get paid instantly into your Swaade account. When the product sells we simply transfer $100 swa points from the buyers account into our swaade account because you have already been paid on upload. You will then get an email with the buyers details, contact them to arrange delivery.

Q. Can I make more Swa?

A. Upload more products to get more swa.

B. Business offers may include paying you Swa for 1. becoming a customer, 2. Liking them on social networks, 3. Or visiting their store. 

Q. What happens if my item never sells?

A. Great question. We are very excited about our solution to this issue. We will be putting a program together for this. It will go something like, After three months if your item has not sold we will send an email that will give you a choice of keeping your Swa that the system has paid you and you will need to deliver the item to a Charity Eg Church, Post Office, or Vinnies, or take the item off the site and a reversal of the swa amount. Your balance would go down.
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