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Our Members Are Committed to

  • Stopping wastefulness
  • Saving the earth
  • Free-Cycling 
  • Saving cash on everyday products
  • Saving cash on everyday services
  • Telling friends about ethical business
  • Making our raw materials last longer.
  • Helping poorer people.
  • Saving money on new products

Are you overstocked Swaade converts overstock into marketing your business.

  • Upload your over stock and get Swa store credit in your account instantly.
  • Use your Store Credit ( $wa ) to Pay members of Swaade say $wa5 to Like your business on facebook. 
  • Every time you do it on average 100 people see the like.
  • Helping to build your own facebook page.
  • And bringing New cash customer’s into your shop.

A Daily Deals company advertisers a restaurant Deal at $29 for a $60 value.

Brake down 
Customer saves $31
Daily Deals Charge $14 to the business
Restaurant makes $15
Over 1000 deals this would cost you $14,000

Swaade Has A Better Deal Than Daily Deals

  • Swaade Saving’s
  • Cost is $wa 40 and $20 cash
  • Customers saves $9 cash
  • Business gets $20 cash
  • Business gets $wa 40
  • Business spends $wa40 on getting facebook likes 
  • Business get 10 likes 
  • 400 people see the likes
  • Business get New cash customers
  • Swaade is unlimited for an annual fee starting from a dollar a day.

Our members LIKE eco-friendly business

Our member have loads of friends

Friends that become your new cash customers

Are you a service business All business have a cost to get new customers What’s your cost?

  • Swaade Advertises your business.
  • Pre-Load new customers by offering your service at full price, Part $wa and part Cash.
  • Use the $wa you earn to get loads of Likes on facebook 
  • Bringing in new cash customers.
  • Be seen as green 
  • Limit your offer's 
  • Get great new regular customers

Our Members Are Committed to

  • Get paid in $wa and Cash. You get paid full RRP but some of it is in $wa that you can use to Market your business or buy products for your self. ($WA paid on sale of product not upload.)
  • Don’t discount! Offer $wa or get paid part cash part Swa, its up to you what you offer but offer value. 
  • Your getting paid $wa to market your business.
  • You can offer $wa to other cash customers as an incentive to buy instore. Ask Swaade about our coupons.
  • You can offer $wa to customers for doing anything. I.E Liking your Facebook business, Buying a product, Joining a service, or becoming a new cash customer.
  • Buy from other business using $wa
  • You can offer swa to staff as an incentive or bonus.

$wa is Eco-currency

The Per-Swaade Me Button on the Store page is used to offer Members $WA for an action like
  • Visit our Store and get $WA10
  • Get a 20% $WA back on your total spend.
  • Attend our opening
  • Join our mailing list in-store
  • Book in accommodation.
  • Close deals with $WA at any time.
  • Your helping the environment
  • Your helping the homeless
  • Your helping the poor

What’s the Cost?
Only $365 per year
Bonus Offer
Register your business and get $wa1000 to spend on Facebook Likes

  • Contact Dominic See
  • Phone: 0410-511199
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