Are your cupboards over flowing?
Is your garage full?

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Swap 'n Trade with Swaade.
We pay you SWA store credit for stuff you no longer need.
 So you can buy stuff you do want for No Cash, using your store credit.

Is your garage chockers? Free-Cycle with Swaade Swap stuff & save $$$

Upload what you don't want and get things you do want for no cash. Swaade converts stuff you no longer need into Store Credit or what we call $WA. You can then use your Store Credit to buy stuff you do need. Buy second hand from other members. ( $WA only ) Buy new products from our business market. (Part $WA/part cash) Swaade is also about building community contacts in your area.

Here's what people are saying about Swaade :
'Swaade stops waste by linking the things you no longer want/use to discounts on new products.

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Find out what Swaade is about in 40 seconds.

Hear about Swaade in 40 seconds
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What we get from consumerism

  • We have to work harder to get the stuff we think will make us happy.
  • We are so tired from working all day all we can do is sit down and watch TV at night. 
  • Advertising is telling us we are not good enough because we haven't got the latest products. So we go shopping to make ourselves happy.
  • Every year fashion and technology change and we are made to feel we have to keep up. Then we have to work even harder to make the money to go shopping again.
  • We get to dump perfectly good products for no reason other than we don't use them anymore because our circumstances have changed like, Fashion, size, color, model, boredom, product shine, seen 2 time in the same product, or just to much stuff in our homes.
  • Products being built to last as long as the guarantee.
  • Statistics show National happiness has fallen since the 50s when consumerism was promoted by governments.  

Swaade is Shopping with heart

Swaade is the beginning of the fight to take back our happiness. Swaade is about changing the way we treat the planet, treat products, and treat our fellow man.
By treating Products with respect, we create a world of caring and our soles will be happy. 

Benefits include
  • The great feeling you get seeing your products go to a new home.
  • The pride you will get from buying a product from another member saving another product from the dumpster.
  • The smartness you feel in beating the cash society system and getting your products for Free. Only $WA is paid.
  • The pride you will feel giving a homeless person a meal. You get paid $WA, so you can buy other products. We provide free $WA to homeless people so no one go hungry in Australia.
  • Being able to support business that support green and green business giving you great offer's for being green using your $WA store credit.

We have an active group come and join in the discussions

Help us ad Swaade to this terrible system

By using swaade you are helping to improve a shocking system that the corporates are using at the expense of everyone.
Every swap saves 90% of the energy that product would have used if it was replaced by a new product.

By uploading quality 2nd hand products we will be sending a message to corporations to produce products that last longer. If we can have an effect on the Yellow arrow the corporates will listen and hopefully change the system.
The power is in our hands and Swaade can send the message in the only way corporates understand dwindling profits.

If you have not watched the Video you need to.

Benefits of using Swaade see video's

Why has swapping never worked?
What Swaade is stopping.
Read about the trip.
Are your cupboards full. WHY?
Read the story
Swaade helping feed the homeless.
Swaade is a new way to clean up your stuff.
Swaade helping the community, see how.
Swaade helps charities.
Contact us.
Swaade mission statment.
What we believe in.
Our commitment.



Step 1. We buy products and use them until we have no more use for them. For example kids footy boots play one season about 12 games and then get stored for 10 year's

Step 2. We store great products in our cupboards and garages hoping one day we can do something worthwhile with them. Because their just to good to throw out.

Step 3. We end up 10 or 20 year's later throwing out products that are now old and dusty.



Step 1. Register with Swaade and get $WA 100 bonus on your 5th product upload.

Step 2. Upload your unwanted products before they start the long trip to the dump.

Step 3. Get paid $WA instantly on upload.

Step 4. Store the product till another member buys it.

Step 5. Shop on Swaade for things you want and pay with your $WA

Get 100% value for your per-loved products
SWA = Replacement cost in points

To have everyone uploading at the same value SWA = Replacement cost in SWA points

We pay swa based on the price you want. The following rules are a guide to pricing your products and reasoning as to why we price this way. We need customers to be on the same page as to the value of a product. If a product is over priced it will be rejected and you will be asked to reprice the product.

New/ As new / second hand / pre-loved. In working order. Price this product on Replacement cost. But in Swa points. E.g. if you bought some football boots for $40 You can put them onto Swaade and ask for SWA40.

Why do we pay Swa = to Replacement $ value?

By pricing this way we can look up current pricing on a product to see your SWA value is correct. We also do this because Business upload products at Normal RRP and convert a large percentage of the price into SWA so you can pay SWA and cash for a product.
This allows the business to advertise its products at the normal price and you can see the discount you are getting for being green. So your second hand products are reducing the cash cost of a new product. Business can also pay you SWA for Liking them on social networks.

All products uploaded need to be in good condition and in working order.

Don't be shy upload everything as long as its in good condition we will pay you $WA.
If a product has not traded after 6 month we will offer you to keep your $WA and deliver the goods to one of our charitable outlets.

The founder Dominic See explains

Welcome message from Dominic See
Be a hero to the earth, the poor and yourself.
My passion is to change the way people dispose of their possessions by giving second-hand goods a value instead of viewing them as worthless junk.
Once, second-hand items were mended if necessary, and passed on to be reused. Now most of what we no longer want ends up in ever-increasing areas of landfill.
I want to turn this around so we can enjoy a world that lasts longer than a few generations before we run out of raw materials and landfill space.

Be a hero to your wallet by swapping not shopping.
Be a hero to the earth by free-recycling.
Be a hero to people in need by using Swaade. They will appreciate your items and your thoughtfulness.
Be a hero to your friends and family by getting free second-hand goods in return for your used items, and/or big discounts on new goods and services.

Help Swaade grow by donating

Because Swaade is about helping the community we would like to ask the community to help Swaade. We have big plans to grow firstly in Australia then the USA, UK and New Zealand. We need help from the community to cover the costs.
Donators will get a place in history on our hall of fame page. Just send your picture and a description of your passion. Just click the go fund me image.

Become a volunteer 

We are looking for people who are committed to changing the way the world works. Who believe one person can make a difference. People who think about how can I help the world, NOT how can I help myself. 

We need help in all areas from.
1. Social networking
2. Area/city managers
3. Business planning
4. Capital raising
5. Sponsors who want to show the world their green.
Just contact Dominic See 0410-511199

Swaade Marketplace backend tour

One of our customer's comments, Yer!  your right that's not her. But the comments are hers.

I uploaded my old bedside tables that were going to the tip but in good condition.
I got my store credit and bought 5 DVDs for my daughter.
It's great to buy stuff with no cash.
How cool that my bedside tables got a second life and I saved about $40 on DVDs.
Everyone should use this community service,
Thanks Swaade
From: Rena in Cronulla
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